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Located in the historic Ralli Apartment in Nişantaşı, where Fahrelnisa Zeid resided and held her first solo shows, Ferda Art Platform was founded by Ferda Dedeoğlu in 2019.


The mission of Ferda Art Platform is to best represent outstanding examples of contemporary art from all disciplines, mostly from Turkey, by creating a genuine bridge between artists, art enthusiasts, and collectors, both nationally and globally.


In addition to representing more established artists with a global reputation and a range of career stages, the gallery oversees the career planning process for up-and-coming names in the contemporary art scene. Ferda Art Platform helps its artists make the necessary contacts to advance their careers and ensures that their works are in the collections of leading individuals, institutions, and museums. 


Ferda Art Platform has been implementing a regular and intense program in the Main Hall and Project Area spaces through a year. It creates joint works with experts in the field of art and upholds and enhances Istanbul's intellectual output. The gallery has developed various project exhibitions in collaboration with leading artists, curators and writers in their field, such as the "Collectors & Artists" series, while regularly organizing solo exhibitions of the artists it represents.  Participating in international fairs like Enter Art Fair (Copenhagen) and Drawing Now Art Fair (Paris), the gallery, which has advanced quickly since its founding, aims to broaden its network of contacts, and create new prospects for its artists.



P5160093 1.jpg

Ferda Dedeoğlu


P5160115 1.jpg

Tilbe Şendoğan

Artist Liaison

P5160052 1.jpg

Cihan Yıldız

Gallery Director

P5160078 1.jpg

Elif Sena İnci

Artist Liaison

P5160131 1.jpg

Cafer Doruk

Operation Director

Ozan Uzun

Art Direction-Design / Consultant

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